Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is Dampé Dead?

Richard “Dampé” Denton is (was?) the 15 year old writer of Ocarina of Time 2D, a much-anticipated Legend of Zelda title. He was supposed to have died on the 23rd March (or was it the 21st?), but Squidnews reveals why it reports of his death are a hoax. The reigning theory is that Dampé wanted to escape from the pressure of anxious fans by arranging his supposed demise.

I was struck by how easy it was for the writer to do his fact checking, searching and Fairfax classifieds for reports of death under the name of Denton, and most interestingly, looking up the Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission road toll statistics tool, searchable by date, location, victim and injury type.

This is a great example of how findable one, or one’s lies, are is on the web, and the pressures of constant visibility.

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