Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ten steps to saving the planet

I don't normally simply link to news stories, but Dave Reay's "Your Top Ten ways to take on global warming" in the New Scientist (10 Sep 05) is so good that it deserves mention.

In case the story had been archived behind the subscription wall by the time you click on the link, here's the list in short:
    1. Dress for the weather
    2. Get out of the car
    3. Get into composting
    4. Fly less, especially short haul
    5. Change your driving habits - or better still, your car
    6. Remember the appliance of science
    7. Avoid flatulent and jet-setting food
    8. Learn the 3 Rs
    9. Improve your ethics at work
    10. Go green at the final checkout
The annual household savings for each of these steps is around 1 tonne of CO2. As I blogged a while back, that's what a terabyte of disk storage costs the atmosphere. In the US, every person emits over 20 tonnes of greenhouse gas every year.

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