Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gownie glibido

LangMaker's wonderful page Neologisms A-Z has an endless supply of this kind of magic:

aalst, aasleagh, abajado, abalemma, abbrevolongation, aberbeeg, abercrave, aberition, abert
confuzzled, cong, conjugete, conlang, conlangorate, conlex, conmoralize, conquesor, constroy
gloopgleep, glottomania, glottopoietics, glug, goable, go-dog-go, goile, golant, goldensprog

The site also offers endless neographies, from CyrDaiLue, which uses Cyrillic script to express the Thai Lue vowel system, to Glaitha-B, which is used by fairies to write Mikiana

It reminds me that the "fine" in Fine Art is derived from the Latin "finis", meaning that it is an end in itself; it has no purpose beyond itself.

Ah yes, in case you were wondering:
  • gownie: A native of a college town who more closely resembles in behaviour and interests one associated with the university, from the word townie and the expression town/gown, with reference to the cultural divide found in college towns separating academia from native life
  • glibido: All talk and no action, coined in the 2001 Washington Post's Style Invitational: blend of libido and glib

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