Monday, May 31, 2004

Another 2x2 matrix

Here's a taxonomy that seems to describe some people I come across. Some people have a vision (which I describe as a personal conviction about how the world ought to work), and some don't; some people can manipulate others, and some can't.

 Own VisionOther's vision
Influences othersLEADERMANAGER
Little influenceMAVERICKWORKER

Each of these styles contributes in its own way, and will be motivated in different ways. Those with a vision (the leaders and mavericks) are motivated by seeing their vision realized. People who follow another's vision can be motivated in two ways: either by getting satisfaction from realizing the vision, or by getting pleasure in simply making progress along the way.

Those who can influence others (the leaders and managers) contribute by leveraging the efforts of others. People who cannot influence other people make a difference by actually doing the work of imagining new worlds (in the case of mavericks) or building them (in the case of doers).

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