Thursday, January 01, 2004

Banished Words List

Thanks to the crack PR team of Lake Superior State University, I heard about the Banished Words List on NPR this morning. It's a curmudgeon's delight, a pedant's pride. I loved it.

It's an annual "List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness", inaugurated in 1976 to combat the misperception that LSSU was a branch of Michigan Technological University. (Michigan what?)

I nominate "Getting in touch with [something spiritual in oneself or others]." It is often heard said in sanctimonious tones by female presenters of NPR human interest programs. So just reach in there with your grubby little fingers and poke at a Meaningful Experience so that you can Share It With Others - eeeeeeeewwww!

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